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What's your perspective?

Interesting angles, abstract details, amazing reflections...

During your visit to Kielder Water & Forest Park why not have some fun and get creative by taking photos - whether it be interesting angles, abstract details, amazing reflections or just you enjoying the art and architecture.

We want to see everyones photos so whether you're a happy snapper, a keen amateur or a skilled professional get involved and send us your photographs.*

Take a look at the gallery below to get an idea of other peoples perspective.

*Just one thing to note...
By sending in your photographs you are authorising us to use your photography – if you do not wish for them to be used by Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust and intend them for use on this website only, please let us know.

The  belvedere by anam_ukAre we really alone? by geordietykeWave chamber by anam_ukIMG_0900 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0906 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0901 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0911 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0907 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0935 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0912 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0940 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0939 by RichardAsh1981IMG_1021 by RichardAsh1981IMG_1020 by RichardAsh1981IMG_0942 by RichardAsh1981IMG_1028 by RichardAsh1981IMG_1023 by RichardAsh1981IMG_1029 by RichardAsh1981