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ROC bunker

Ministry of Defence, 1961

A decommissioned Royal Observer Corps observation post

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Kielder's Royal Observer Corps bunker was one of over 1500 constructed throughout the UK in 1961 and officially decommissioned 30 years later in 1991.

A small underground concrete room, its purpose was to provide shelter and protect its three personnel from nuclear blast, enabling them to report on any explosions visible from this location during a nuclear attack. Information sent from Kielder would have been used to triangulate the exact locations of explosions by combining it with similar data sent from posts at Byrness, Otterburn, Haydon Bridge, Bellingham and Gilsland. 

To get an idea of how common these small but almost invisible structures are, it is worth noting that it is estimated that you are never more than 7 miles from the site of one anywhere in the UK.

Kielder ROC bunker is locked and no access is possible.

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