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Kisa Kawakami, 2011

500 pairs of shiny disks hang high in the trees in a 3-dimensional cloud, reflecting light from beyond the forest. Underneath the sculpture, a series of interlocking terraced decks create a resting place for visitors.

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Created by Japanese artist and architect Kisa Kawakami in 2006, Mirage used the patterns in the forest and the light from the water and sky to create a new destination within the trees.  During his initial visits to Kielder Water & Forest Park the artist became interested in the contrast between the dark interiors of the forest, and the brightness of the light outside a light that was often seen through a screen of trees preventing a clear picture being formed of the outside world.

Kawakami worked to create an installation that would bring some of this elusive quality of light into the forest, and these ideas eventually took the form of five hundred pairs of shiny disks hanging high in a three dimensional cloud that reflected the light from beyond the forest. Underneath the discs, a series of interlocking terraced decks created a resting place for visitors pausing amongst the trees to enjoy the glittering sculpture.

The hanging disc cloud was de-installed in late 2011 and the interlocking deck elements remain as a legacy of the project.

Mirage was located between Bakethin Weir and Lewisburn Bridge at OS map ref: NY645905

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