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James Chinneck, 2004

An audio work derived from 6348 individuals across the world saying the word 'Hello'.

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During his artist's residency at Kielder Water & Forest Park, James Chinneck undertook research, investigations and experimentation that resulted in the audio work, 'Millionth'.

This artwork was made using a telephone and recording equipment and featured the methodical recording of individuals saying the word 'Hello' when they first answered their telephone. Charting his telephonic journeys through 227 different countries and working on a ratio of 1:1000000, this process condensed the world population to a total of 6348.  

Chinneck then edited each individual 'Hello' into a sequence in which every country appears in descending order of population size, one after the other. 'Millionth' is the resulting 43 minute audio track.  

Listen to Millionth.

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