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Carl von Weiler, 2005

The relationships between an artist's materials and the physical processes of making drawings are explored through an artist's residency at Kielder Water & Forest Park

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Carl von Weiler's residency at Kielder Water & Forest Park was characterised by an intense exploration of the physical processes of making drawings and sculpture.

The stuff of the landscape - trees, branches, and the elements - became both the implements and outcomes of the artist's creative process. The results were manifested in drawings made from and determined by the nature of the rough tools employed. Branches beaten onto paper and ink blown across the page evidenced the visual and tactile links that connected theis body of work to the environment that had inspired them.

The results of his residency at Kielder Water & Forest Park were exhibited at the Queen's Hall Arts Centre Gallery in Hexham.

Carl von Weiler was born in The Netherlands and established a career in London before recently moving to Northumberland. His artistic practice initially developed out of sculpture, but now works with a wide range of mediums including sound, video, drawing, and more recently fabric and panel collage pieces. Works are exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces nationally and worldwide. Commissions for public, institution and school sites are undertaken with the work often spreading into community and publically interactive situations.

Carl von Weiler has taught as a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield University and the Slade School of Fine Art, London where his specialist areas were public art and the environment. He has worked with a range of partners including hospitals, schools, off-site building/locations, managing budgets for commissions and projects in this country and abroad.


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