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Author residencies at Kielder

Esther Woolfson, April 2012

The first of of three writer's residencies at Kielder planned for Hexham Book Festival and Words across Northumberland. Funded by the Arts Council England.

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Esther Woolfson

Esther Wolfson was Writer in Residence at Kielder in April as part of Hexham Book Festival's Words across Northumberland project. Esther who is Glasgow born but now lives in Aberdeen said that ‘Having just written about the life, human and otherwise, of a city, she was looking forward greatly to something different, and somewhere different, to dark skies and silence, and, as a Scot, to exploring some of the questions of borderlands and their meaning that seem particularly relevant at the moment, as well as question relating to the concepts of north and south’. She talked about the work that emerged from the residency and also her most recently published book Corvus: A life with Birds - described as a fascinating insight into the closeness human beings can achieve with wild creatures - at the Hexham Book Festival on Friday 27th April at 6.00pm.

Wolfson's time at Kielder will be followed by a second residence featuring Kathleen Jamie in January 2013.

A total of three residencies at Kielder are planned before Hexham Book Festival 2013. Words across Northumberland is funded by the Arts Council England.

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