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Assembling Adaptations

sixteen*(makers), 2003-7

A series of animated 'probes' responding to temperature and humidity fluctuation compared the 'ideal' behaviour of a virtual model to the 'real' behaviour of an installation.

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In 2003 sixteen*(makers) were engaged as Kielder's first architects in residence with a brief to explore 'a role for architecture' within the landscape of Kielder. Their residency was eventually completed in 2007 and was a key factor in the practice being invited to design structure for the Lakeside Way in 2009.  

Taking change as a predominant condition, 'Assembling Adaptations' saw a series of animated 'probes' developed as virtual and physical models. Responding to temperature and humidity fluctuation they compared the 'ideal' behaviour of the virtual odel to the 'real' behaviour of the installation, suggesting a means to design an evolutionary architecture that responded to it's location with increasing specificity over time.

The probes were installed at a remote forest boundary location within Kielder Water & Forest Park  for an extended period thoughout 2006-7. For several months their movements were observed by strategically placed cameras, using photogrammetry to capture in three dimensional space how they responded to changing and extreme environmental conditions. The data captured from the 'real' installation was subsequently downloaded for analysis and comparison with the 'ideal' virtual model, a process that was eventually mirrored in the design, construction, and 3D scanning of their shelter 55/02 two years later. 

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